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Godel Technologies
UK-based Software Development and Application Development Software Company

Godel Technologies is a leading UK Headquartered software company that supplies high quality software development services, software testing and application development services in the UK.
+44 161 219 8100
A leading software technology company based in Toronto, Canada. Delkn Studios provides high-quality software development solutions to client looking for java software development, games development, apps development, Big Data, IoT and more.

Delkn is proud to be one of the leading name is software development Industry of Toronto, Canada. A group of professional developers that has developers software and apps for numerous clients in Canada. A leading technology company in Canada. Delkn get it’s hands dirty in software development games, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, machine learning, simulation, Big Data, IoT, Java and more.

We consider overself lucky to work for some IT gaints software companies in Canada providing them software development outsourcing service. We create web based and desktop based software for IT companies. As nationally recogonized software development company in Toronto we develop native, cross-platform and hybrid apps for iOS, Android & Windows. Also work on machine learning software projects and chat bots. With a team of experienced VR & Java developers, we build customized software just according to clients demand.

We develop enterprise level software and mobile phone application not limited to manufacturing, financial, healthcare, military, auto, legal, insurance construction, finance.

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